My name is Vanessa, and I’m an artist, sensualist and hopelessly romantic young woman sinking my teeth into all that life has to offer.  As an old soul with a young face I find intimate connection to be effortlessly enjoyable.  I’ve traveled all over the world and country, I’m an explorer, inner-personal detective, a self-proclaimed cultural anthropologist, and a confident and deeply feminine savant.  I’m excited by mysticism and the unknown.

Are we not SO fortunate to be here?  What a wonderful container we have to bloom.  I love offering The Girlfriend Experience and Companionship because I like to let my heart soar.  I love the thrill of meeting someone new, the ongoing connections we have and the ability to show up as our best selves with no other ties in life stopping us from enjoyment.  I love to be a little vacation or a snack who’s sweetness brightens your day and has you leaving with butterflies.  

Kinks and Fantasy Welcome!

Creativity is a full time expression.  For me, it’s like an element of my being.  Sharing secrets, discovering fantasies, and exploring those things together all excite me.  As long as we have passion and mutual respect, we can’t go wrong.

It’s true I may be a bit indulgent, but is that really so bad?

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Vanessa Darling

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