Angel of the Underground

New Year is underway, and I’m still an angel of the underground… rising through the oil and soil with love and compassion in tote.
I have some fun ideas to bring forward, but as I am slow and tedious with my efforts these things will take some time to come to fruition…
Here are a few ideas you might be looking forward to!

  • More photo shoots with a variety of photographers
  • Erotic photos and videos available for sale or subscription
  • Erotica… sexy musings for the fellow readers out there
  • DOUBLES DOUBLES DOUBLES!  Teaming up with my fellow sexy witches and companions to offer double the fun in a sensuous triangulation!

Please leave a comment to show your interest!  Comments are anonymous and very much appreciated.


P.S. If you didn’t know, I have an Amazon wishlist you are welcome to show your love and support.