February 10th, 2019

Stood Up

Ya’ll ever get stood up on a date? You ever get all dressed up, smelling good and just sparkling with excitement… Hell, even had a dinner reservation? Or got to the bar or restaurant, travelled through the city, arranged your week around the date only to receive a last minute text that sweety isn’t going to make it?

Well that’s how I feel when people cancel on me last minute. I actually feel disrespected! I take tender care with my bookings, to communicate our dates, and then to arrange my week and my energy to be there. So last minute cancelations really hurt me. It hurts my financially, as I prefer to see few lovey people than over work myself, and I do a lot to be a good date for you.
So, I just want to share this with any readers so you understand my experience. I would rather not do deposits on bookings, but it seems I’m going to have to. I’d rather not feel transactional, I like to feel the romance and simplicity of a little cash envelop, kiss on the cheek and then just have a nice time.

So regardless of getting stood up, I still feel cute today 🙂

Love love,