Private Delights

Hi there Friends and Lovers,
I’m currently advertising on Private Delights (which is my new favorite advertising platform!)  And recieving reviews is super helpful for me!  It can also be helpful for you too as clients to verify that providers have seen you before.
If we’ve shared time together and you leave a nice review I will not only send a personal thank you, but will gladly offer a discount on our next meeting OR a personalized photo set for you.
Be sure to personally let me know you’ve reviewed me so I can properly thank you!

Chicago Here I come!

I’ll be visiting Chicago for the first time ever this month!
April 23-26

My books are still open!  Let’s make some magic happen shall we?  This is going to be my first time and I’ve always wanted to visit.  This is also the first time I’ll be visiting the Great Lakes.  Suggestions and dates welcome.  xo
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Phone Trouble

Hey there!
I had some problems with my phone service the past day or two. If you tried to contact me and it didn’t go through or you didn’t hear back from me, that was why!
Its fixed now though!

Hope ya’ll are having a nice weekend.

February 10th, 2019

Stood Up

Ya’ll ever get stood up on a date? You ever get all dressed up, smelling good and just sparkling with excitement… Hell, even had a dinner reservation? Or got to the bar or restaurant, travelled through the city, arranged your week around the date only to receive a last minute text that sweety isn’t going to make it?

Well that’s how I feel when people cancel on me last minute. I actually feel disrespected! I take tender care with my bookings, to communicate our dates, and then to arrange my week and my energy to be there. So last minute cancelations really hurt me. It hurts my financially, as I prefer to see few lovey people than over work myself, and I do a lot to be a good date for you.
So, I just want to share this with any readers so you understand my experience. I would rather not do deposits on bookings, but it seems I’m going to have to. I’d rather not feel transactional, I like to feel the romance and simplicity of a little cash envelop, kiss on the cheek and then just have a nice time.

So regardless of getting stood up, I still feel cute today šŸ™‚

Love love,

LA Tour!

I’m planning my LA tour for the first week of March!  Please keep an eye out for me and feel free to contact me for bookings!
Pricing and info will be updated and listed on my LA Tour page.

I’m so excited about this.  I haven’t been back to LA in over a year, so I am long overdue!  


Soft Everything

I always wanted a sheepskin, then I bought myself this one as a Christmas present.  I think I want them all over my bedroom now…

Update on GFE/Escort prices

I just updated my pricing for Girlfriend Experience/ Escorting.  The prices better reflect how time will be shared and encourage longer engagements!  
I really do love to wine and dine, so the 3 hours together includes an outing to a nice bar or restaurant, shopping, a movie or a museum visit together… whatever will be our fancy.
Please feel free to write to me, (even a love letter would certainly make me swoon) and let me know what you might be interested in and how we can curate a sexy and romantic time together.

GFE, intimate escort, and playtime with romance… always down for pillow talk
1 hour a brief affair – $800
90 minutes stay a while – $1100
2 hours a small vacation – $1400
3 hours a proper date, including an outing together – $1500

Fantasy Play- New Review!

Hey there!  I just posted a new testimonial from a new playmate.  Please see my testimonials page to read up on how people have experienced and enjoyed their time with me.  And if you’ve seen me before, I encourage you to also submit a testimonial as it’s very helpful for me.
Also! if you didn’t already know, I am a very kink friendly spiritual slut.   I personally love role play and age play, dirty talk and cuddle  šŸ˜‰

Angel of the Underground

New Year is underway, and I’m still an angel of the underground… rising through the oil and soil with love and compassion in tote.
I have some fun ideas to bring forward, but as I am slow and tedious with my efforts these things will take some time to come to fruition…
Here are a few ideas you might be looking forward to!

  • More photo shoots with a variety of photographers
  • Erotic photos and videos available for sale or subscription
  • Erotica… sexy musings for the fellow readers out there
  • DOUBLES DOUBLES DOUBLES!  Teaming up with my fellow sexy witches and companions to offer double the fun in a sensuous triangulation!

Please leave a comment to show your interest!  Comments are anonymous and very much appreciated.


P.S. If you didn’t know, I have an Amazon wishlist you are welcome to show your love and support.